The Opening of the Relics of Our Father Among the Saints MARDARIJE

With the blessing of His Grace, Bishop Longin of New Gracanica and Midwestern America, the relics of St. Mardarije
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Откривање моштију међу Светима Оца нашег МАРДАРИЈА 

Благословом Његовог Преосвештенства Епископа новограчаничко-средњезападноамеричког Господина Лонгина, откривене су мошти СветогМардарија..
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Photo Gallery: Monastery Buildings and Grounds Renovation

Photo Gallery: Monastery Buildings and Grounds Renovation Pictures During, Before and After the Renovation Work
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Special Announcement – Oratorical Festival – Scholarships up to $2000 for High School and College Students

As a part of this great historic celebration, we will have an event specifically for high school and college students of the Serbian Orthodox Midwestern Diocese...
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Call For Press Accreditation

CORDIALLY INVITES journalists and ecclesial media organizations interested in covering the sacred festivities on occasion of the Canonization and Translation of the Relics of Saint Mardarije...
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St. Mardarije Celebration Donors: Total $ $99,850.00

Thank you to all the donors ...
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Glorification of St. Mardarije


Hotel Information

Comfort Suites
1775 E Belvidere Road
Grayslake, IL 60030
(847) 223-5050
Group Name: Saint Mardarije's Day

Holiday Inn Gurnee Convention Center
6161 West Grand Avenue
Gurnee, IL 60031
Phone 847-336-6300
Group Name: Saint Mardarije's Day


Friday, July 14
Symposium at Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral
5:00 PM - Vespers at the Cathedral

Saturday, July 15
9:30 AM - Patriarchal Divine Liturgy in New Gracanica Monastery
5:00 PM - Glorification Vigil at St. Sava Monastery

Sunday, July 16
9:30 AM - Patriarchal Divine Liturgy at St. Sava Monastery
1:00 PM - Banquet and Program at St. Sava Monastery

Guests of Honor

His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia

Russian Hierarchical Delegation

Representatives of all the Local Jurisdictions

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Petar Gataric $10,000.00
Holy Resurrection, Chicago $10,000.00
St. Basil of Ostrog, Lake Forest $10,000.00
St. John the Baptist, Bellwood $10,000.00
Goran Tubic, MD $5,000.00
St. Elijah, Merrillville $3,000.00
St. George, Schererville $3,000.00
John Dauer $3,000.00
St. Nicholas, Indianapolis $3,000.00
St Sava Broadview Hts OH $3,000.00
St. Lazarus, Detroit $3,000.00
St. Sava, Gary $3,000.00
St Stevan of Decani, Leland $3,000.00
St. George, Joliet, IL $2,500.00
Holy Three Hierarchs, Dallas $2,000.00
St. Nicholas, Omaha $1,500.00
Predrag Popovic $1,500.00
Radomir Jovanovic, MD $1,250.00
Holy Ascension, Rockford, IL $1,000.00
St. Nikola, Cudahy $1,000.00
Chetnik's Kolo, Redwood Dr., $1,000.00
Orthodox Christian Clergy Association $1,000.00
Ronald and Mildred Radakovich $1,000.00
Serbian Sisters of Ravanica, Detroit $1,000.00
St. George, Lenexa $1,000.00
St Nicholas, Omaha $1,000.00
St. George, Carmichaels $1,000.00
St. George, East Chicago $1,000.00
St. Petka, Nashville $1,000.00
Ada Trbojevic $1,000.00
Zeljko Atlagic, DDS $1,000.00
Nevenko Vidovic $1,000.00
Nebojsa Zivkovic $1,000.00
Branko Tupanjac $1,000.00
Dan Mihailovich $1,000.00
St Luke Mission Parish, Austin $500.00
St Luke Leander TX $500.00
Rev. Fr. Radomir Plavsic $500.00
Milderd Terzic $500.00
Momcilo Momcilovic $500.00
St Peter and Paul, South Bend $350.00
Vesna Zecevic-Sternic, MD $300.00
St Vasilije Chisholm MN $250.00
Holly Resurrection, Steubenville $250.00
Gradimir Vuckovic, MD $100.00
David Batrich $100.00
Slobodan Golubovic $100.00
David and Nada Stevens $100.00
Ana Kapelj $50.00

TOTAL $86,850.00

Building Renovation

На путу за Либертивил

On the Road to Libertyville

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