St. Sava Monastery

St. Sava

THE SERBIAN Grand Zhupan (Patriarchal leader) Stephen Nemanja had two sons, Stephen and Vukan; yet, he and his wife Anna desired, if it be God’s will, to have another child. Their pious prayers ascended before God, Who heard their petition and blessed them with their last child, a son who was born in the year of our Lord 1175.

At baptism the child was given the name Rastko, a name derived from the Old Slavonic verb “rasti” which means “to grow.” And grow divinely he did…

St. Mardarije

Born in village of Kornet, Ljesani County, in Montenegro, on November 2, 1889, to pious parents Petar and Jela Uskokovic, he was baptized in his village church dedicated to St. George and received his baptismal name Ivan. His mother was from the well-known Bozovic family. Both of his parents were well respected in their community holding the office of leadership and particularly his father was a captain of their clan.


“As three strings on one instrument, and each one you play it touches the heart of the Serb;” Thus, such is the famous Monastery of Saint Sava in Libertyville in the middle of America.The first string is the monastery itself. The second one is the cemetery and the third one is the children’s camp. The string of prayer, the string of sorrow, and the string of joy.” (Bishop Nikolai)